Examining the Advantages and Disadvantages Of Ride On Mower Reviews

In the recent past, there has been an increased demand among lawn owners to have Ride on mowers instead of push mowers. For those people who do not know the difference between these two, then it is important to note that the ride on mowers are those which are able to propel themselves and all that you need to do is to guide them in the direction that they are supposed to go. On the other hand, the push mowers are those that you have to push, besides giving a direction on where to go. You can liken a ride on mower to a car which only needs you to press the brakes, gas, and hold the steering wheel. A pusher mower on the other hand can be likened to a hand cart which needs you to push it for it to move. There are several advantages and disadvantages of the ride on, which we need to look at in brief.


They cause you to spend less energy. With the ride on lawn mowers, it is easier to work with them because you will not need to do any pushing to ensure that it works. On the other hand, a pusher one will require you to put in a lot of effort.

The other advantage of this machine is that it is long lasting. Generally, these machines can stay for up to 15 years, while their counterparts can stay for around five years. And during this time, the pusher would have required a lot of repairs and maintenance which may make it pretty expensive in the long run.


As already mentioned before, they also have their own disadvantages which people really need to look at before they make any purchases of the same. One of the major disadvantages of this type of mower is the fact that it can be very expensive in the initial purchase. And although this can be expected to worthwhile in the long run, the price can be a bit overwhelming for individuals with rather small budgets.

There is also another disadvantage of this machine which comes about the fact that it consumes more power than the pusher mower. This is because it will need the power to drive the wheels and the power to drive the blades unlike the other ones which only require the power to drive the blades.

Generally, the type of mower that you will buy will highly depend on the amount of income that you have. It will also depend on your individual tastes and preferences. All these are things that you need to consider before buying one.

Source by David Desouza

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