Lawn Mower Racing

The mower racing is becoming a regular sport. Local newspapers report the results, sponsors are looking for the best racer in order to get the first position in the next local or even state race. Races draw thousands of fans due to the fact that a lot of lawnmower racing races have been scheduled from town to town.

There are no purses and typically no betting in terms of mowers racing. Therefore, they have no desire for lucre, it is only a hobby to work and enjoy. We can say that it is only for the glory. Most of the machines which work in these races are long-retired ones that racers rebuild for racing. On the other hand, we must say that there exists different levels of classification; from stock racers that still cut grass, or mowers without blades, which have been removed, to factory experimental mowers on which the platforms intended to cover the blades are strictly decorative.

Group1: This is the grass roots of mower sport, lawn mower racing started here. Mowers are defined as run-behind mowers, and it is easy to understand, what you see is what you get. The only thing that you need is to acquire an old petrol engined cylinder driven mower and race it.

Group 2: This group is split into 2 main groups for roller and wheel driven mowers. Those mower’s types have a lot of similarities to race. The wheel driven mowers tend to be heavier and wider but offer better traction in slipper conditions.

Group 3: By far this is the most popular group at the moment. Lawn mowers are always wheel driven machines with the rider sat on the machine. This also tends to be the fastest group with mowers capable of reaching speeds up to 40mph.

Group 4: This group was introduced for 2002, and is described in the Rules & Regulations as a small bonneted tractor, which effectively opens this class up to a wide range of mowers. Drivers in this class should be able to compete against Group 3 machines.

Currently, there exists the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association. They are responsible in checking rules for each season, races, photo gallery and everything relative with mower races as well as how to organize a lawnmower racing in your own town.

Source by Andrew Caxton

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