Spyder LB1200 Robot Lawn Mower Unpacked

The Spyder LB1200 is a robot lawn mower designed for people looking at improving the quality of their life style. Release yourself from a huge household burden, mowing the lawn!

What are the highlights?

The Spyder is a sleek looking machine, forest green color, with two handles on the top sides to better grasp the mower and carry it around. This electric mower produces very little noise and covers a lot of ground in little time. It’s silent and green!

What is so great about this lawn mower?

The Spyder LB1200 doesn’t require a perimeter wire. The mower relies on obstacles found on the property such as; rocks, trees, fences, concrete and asphalt, and others. The mower relies on specially patented sensors to manage the mowing action. Once the mower reaches a zone containing dry lawn or asphalt, it turns away and continues its course through uncut lawn. It will only cut your grass, nothing else!

The Spyder robot mower provides quality lawn mowing performance and merges simplicity with safety.

How to operate the Spyder LB1200?

The Spyder package includes the mower, lithium battery, the cable for charging and the user’s manual. Once you reach the first full charge, all you need to do is grasp the two handles on the top of the robot lawn mower to settle it on your lawn, and press the “On” button on the top. As easy as 1-2-3.

What are the Spyder’s benefits and drawbacks?

The Spyder LB1200 is closest to simplicity as you’ll ever get. There is no time consuming installation. No wires to install around the perimeter of your property, no programming, just shear lawn maintenance performance. It can manage slopes up to 27 degrees with its 4 wheel traction. The 18 pounds or a little over 8 kilos mower will perform on yards up to 5500 square feet.

Bare in mind that this lawn mower does not have cliff sensors nor does it have a perimeter wire. If your property has a beautiful pond, creek, river or simply no obstacle to limit the mowers action, you might want to pass up on the Spyder LB1200 since it doesn’t come with swim aids. You will find that other Lawnbott robot lawn mower models might better meet your needs.

A final word

The Spyder LB1200 is definitely a great and efficient product for busy home owners looking for every way to be released from the house chores demon. At around 1 000$, the Spyder is a smart choice when looking at some of the traditional lawn mowers out there starting at 600-700$ to a few thousand dollars. Oh, and labour is not included!

Source by Mario Tremblay

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