Why The Black And Decker MM875 Lawn Hog Electric Mulching Mower Is The Best Electric Lawn Mower

The Black and Decker MM875 Electric lawn mower is an amazing machine that has consistently drawn excellent reviews. This machine has a top notch design and will last you a lifetime. The makers of this product have paid extra attention to minute details and make this mower extremely user friendly.

The electric motor on this mower produces plenty of power that is comparable to its gas powered counterparts. The lawn hog is powered by a 12 Amp motor that is environmentally friendly and is amazingly silent for the power it packs. There is no need of gas refills and replacement of filters as this tool is powered by electricity.

A deck height can be chosen from 1 1/4 inches to 3 1/2 inches. It is very easy to adjust the height of the wheels with just the push of a button. A higher deck height should be chosen if you mow your yard frequently. If you are one of those homeowners that does not like to mow often, the you should keep it tight. By using a fold-able push handle along with a one-point height adjustment that changes all 4 tires with the touch of a button, the Black and Decker MM875 is packed with revolutionary capabilities.

The MM875 features a special and very well designed grip. This wonderful grip provides lots of cushion to the user’s hands and reduces vibrations. User fatigue is greatly reduced and you get added safety and more control of the mower. No matter how tall you are, the handle on this lawn mower can be easily adjusted to fit your height to enable you to always stand upright with no need to bend your knees.

The Black and Decker MM875 Electric Lawn Mower is a mulching mower that allows you to leave the grass trimmings on the turf. These grass clippings provide added nourishment to the grass as they turn into compost over time. This feature adds to its eco-friendliness. There is no need to gather clippings in the rear bag as it is best to leave the clippings on the grass. You can also add these clippings to a compost bin.

Consumer Reports endorses the Black and Decker MM875 electric lawn mower because of its mowing versatility. Make no mistake – that you receive a top quality product when you purchase the MM875. Consumer Reports doesn’t randomly advocate products. They test the products extensively and also the screening conditions are designed to imitate a typical property owners. You will not go wrong with this lawn mower.

Source by Jordan Clifton P Leach

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