Wide Deck Lawn Mowers for Large Scale Lawn Care

Have you ever looked at an expansive, perfectly trimmed lawn and thought, “It must have taken an army of lawn mowers to do that job!” Large yards can make a big impression, but they require care that matches their scale. Professional lawn care services will get the job done, but at a premium cost to you. To care for that large yard on your own terms, you’ll need a mower with a mowing deck big enough to cover spaces quickly and efficiently.

You can’t just rely on gardening scissors to do the cutting for you. If you don’t have a yard that is as small as a bed, then it is a better choice to go for a mower instead of those gardening scissors, unless you have all the time and patience in the world to go through your entire yard and make sure that your grass has been trimmed properly. When using scissors, you have to pay extra attention and time when cutting, because the levels of the grass all have to be equal. You can’t have uneven, unbalanced portions. It will not look neat, eye-catching and professional, which is something that you would not want your visitors to see when they visit you at your home.

With large cutting decks and an operator friendly design, riding lawn mowers are well suited for yards that are over ½ an acre. They feature large mowing decks ranging from 42-inches all the way up to 60-inches for conquering big spaces. Plus, the operator rides comfortably on the mower, reducing fatigue on those massive jobs. Optional features such as cruise control and automatic transmission provide added convenience.

To make the best purchase on a lawn mower, you should not only consider the size of your yard, but the shape of it as well. The machine with a wide cutting deck is ideal for a big, open lawn, but it can be a nightmare on one that has lots of obstacles. A wider deck also means a greater chance of scalping on uneven or bumpy terrain.

The solution for big yards with lots of twists and turns is a zero-turn radius mower. This kind of machine moves precisely around obstacles, thus eliminating the need for trimming. Zero turn radius mowers also zip around yards at higher speeds than riding lawn mowers. Although they will typically come with a higher sticker price than a riding one, the time you’ll save maneuvering around objects could make them well worth the initial cost. The same applies to the time you invest learning how to control a zero turn one. Once you get to know this fast lawn mower, you can knock out large yards with lots of obstacles in no time.

[Speak to economics and the value of one’s time as part of that equation. ZTRs especially may cause sticker shock, but break it down and make an informed decision.]

Riding lawn mowers and zero-turn ones take the hassle out of large-scale yard care. The right one for your large yard is at Power Equipment Plus. Compare hundreds of lawn mowers and get the best price.

Source by Cedric P Loiselle

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