Flymo Multimo 360XC Review

My Choice for the best all round Lawn Mower with Collection?

Without doubt it’s the Flymo Multimo 360XC.

I’ve done all the research, scoured the web, visited my local hardware stores to check out all the competition and I found that the 360XC ticked all the boxes.

If you are looking for a top of the range electric mower that is multi functional, feature packed, easy to use, and most important of all, at the right price, this has to be the one.

It’s more efficient than its petrol counterparts, has far more features than any petrol mower and Flymo’s constant innovation has ensured that the 360XC is still the ‘go to’ electric mower of choice for thousands of gardeners in the UK, keeping well ahead of its competition.

So, what was the mandate I was working to when I went looking for the best mower for my money?

I wanted a state of the art electric mower that was easy to use, and powerful enough to use on medium to large lawns.

My test lawn is 90′ by 30′ so there is a lot ground to cover, and that has always given me a major problem, no matter what mower I have used in the past, and that problem was…..


A lawn that size generates green bag after green bag full of grass clippings that I have to deal with, and I’ve toyed with buying a mulcher in the past so that I can chop up all the grass clippings as finely as possible, but that’s been on the back burner because of the added cost.

The size of the lawn also means me having to make frequent trips to empty the grass container of any given mower, so a large capacity grass box was a must – I find there’s nothing worse than having to stop half way down a cut to go empty the grassbox and start again.

The mower had to be light enough and easy to move about, as the wrong mower can make me dread having to lug it about for a half hour or more,purely because it’s too heavy and badly designed.

It needed to be easily adjustable if I decided to alter the grass cut height, and being electric, I needed a long cord that was easy to manipulate safely.

I also like stripes on a lawn, I just think it looks so classy and worth the effort to have a lawn that looks like it has been professionally looked after, and a feature that would let me know exactly how much grass was in the grassbox would be a ‘nice to have.’

And last but not least, I wanted it to be ‘future proof’.

It doesn’t matter what I buy lately, but it seems that as soon as I’ve unpacked it, there’s another model introduced, with more features, that I wished I’d waited to buy.

So I needed it to be feature packed, (I’ve had enough of ‘buyers remorse’).

Source by T M Razaq

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