Gas Powered Lawn Edger Vs Electric Lawn Edgers

It is a very essential tool that can really help you in maintaining the clean edges of your lawn.It usually work with the help of thrashing wheels and rotating wheel blades. These days you will find two types of equipment available in the market, one is the electric and the other one is the gas powered. You must always buy it according to your needs and requirements.

Sometimes gasoline edgers are advantageous while at other times the electric edger can be beneficial for you. In this article, I would mainly like to tell you some chief difference between the electric and gasoline powered edgers.

1. Gas Powered Lawn Edger Vs Electric Lawn Edgers

An edger stick can really give your lawn a clean and finished look. In the electric edger you will find two models, one is the battery operated edger while the other one is the AC powered edger in which an extension cord is required. Gas edgers also have to different models, one model has four-cycle engine that operates with the help of simple unleaded gasoline while the other model has two-cycle engine that works with the help of a mixture of oil and gas.

2. Power used by the edgers

Gasoline powered edgers which are used for the non-commercial purpose have engines that range from 150cc to 22 cc and they are often more powerful than the engines that are used in the electric edgers. With gas edgers you can purchase different types of blades that can easily be adjusted at different angels and are very useful for cutting angled edges and landscaping shallow trenches.

3. Small areas Vs. Large areas

It should always be chosen according to the size of your garden or lawn. Electric edgers that are powered by batteries are very good for small lawns in which only simple edging techniques have to be performed. AC powered electric edgers are very good for large areas because they come with long extension cords. They do not require an extension cord that is why they are very useful for edging the sides of a large garden or lawn.

4. Mechanical Proficiency of the edgers

One advantage of AC powered electric edger is that you do not have to clean them on a regular basis. They are simple and reliable and only require a blade safety treatment once a month. As gas powered edger requires both gasoline as well as oil that is why they have to be serviced on a regular basis.

This article will give you all the adequate information that you need about electric as well as gas powered edgers.

Source by Lesli Smith

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